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The first step in getting in better shape is as easy as showing up and checking out our free class. You'll have the opportunity to talk directly to the owner and head coach, get a tour of the facility, and get coached through your first workout.

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We Build Strength & Community

We're all here to get in better shape, whether that means getting stronger, losing weight, or just increasing your physical capacity. While you're here, you're sure to make some great friends, and tap into your inner strength as well as your physical strength.

Check Out What Our Members Are Saying

Our members wanted to share a few things about their experiences here, why they joined, what they've learned about themselves as well as offer some encouragement to you!

Amanda Oster - I've learned that I CAN do a lot more than I think I can. My mental game is just as important as my physical strength.

Ornela - I learned that I am stronger then I thought.

Michelle Dubik - I always thought I was a fighter, that I was strong willed. I may not have been completely wrong about that, but since joining I have gained an immense amount of mental toughness that has translated to every aspect of my life.

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